Clinging to the Radio (Dept)

Some albums are lovely to just have around, playing in the background whilst you’re doing the washing up, or playing on your headphones on a crowded Tube trying to read. Last year it was Bibio’s “Ambivalence Avenue”, this year it’s shaping up to be The Radio Dept’s “Clinging To A Scheme”.

I first wrote about these gentle Swedes back in February, and since then the album has been a regular on my torrid journeys to and from the barren, corporate wasteland that is Canary Wharf. And funnily enough, just today I was thinking “Ooh, I really ought to post something about them again so people might go and buy the record because it’s damn fine”. Serendipity being the thing it is, tonight I get the news that they’re releasing “Never Follow Suit” as a single soon. For a song that is, frankly, reggae-lite, it’s quite remarkably pleasant. And even more remarkably, it’s nowhere near the best song on the album.

Cheer Up, You're Not In The Twilight Sad You Know

The single is out on Labrador Records on June 16th, backed with two exclusive b-sides, and the band are busy touring Europe (including two dates in London, which I am sad to say, I can’t be at. Bah!). What on earth are they putting in the water in Sweden these days, anyway?

MP3: Never Follow Suit by The Radio Dept

Buy “Clinging to a Scheme” (CD/MP3)

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