My word, I feel rotten today. The combination of a late night and about 2 bottles of white wine at a friend’s 40th, ending in a minicab ride through central London discussing the politics of the Bangladeshi immigrant community with the driver (as you do), has resulted in me feeling a little tender.

Given that I’ve got a football match to attend to later, followed by beer and curry, I may as well just write off any possibility of being in a fit and proper state to do anything tomorrow.

Oi! Wake Up!

To get me through this, I have been listening to those dream-pop evangelists School Of Seven Bells. New album’s out July 13th and it’s called Disconnect From Desire. Their lysergic wooziness is just what I need on days like today.

So here, for your pleasure, is the first track from the new record, “Babelonia”, plus a cut from the Deluxe version of “Alpinisms”, rather more chilled out and calming to my frayed nerves.

MP3: Babelonia by School Of Seven Bells

MP3: For Kalaja Mari (Drum Outtake Mix) by School Of Seven Bells

Amazon’s School Of Seven Bells Shop

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