Sound LSDcystem

Has it really been over a week since my last post? Dammit, I promised to post more. Maybe I should have called this blog “Look I’ve Been Busy, Alright?” instead of the somewhat baffling “Loft and Lost”, which still doesn’t make sense to anyone, least of all me.

In any case, I’ve been busy, Iceland has caught fire, Arsenal have thrown away a golden opportunity to win the League title, and those records keep being released. I’ve only got something to say about that last point, in case you were wondering. Whilst I may have a Geophysics degree, I’m not going to start pontificate about the mid-Atlantic ridge and hotspots and the like here, you know. As for the football, well, if I do write a 20,000 essay on Why Wenger Is Wrong And Why I Am Right, you’ll be the first to know.

Anyway, this week’s installment of Records By Reasonably Big Acts What Are Being Released In May (see here, here, and here for previous installments) features LCD Soundsystem.

Who are an act that I’ve never quite been 100% sure about. Maybe it’s the hype putting me off, but I’ve always felt there’s something terribly calculated about them. Or him. But when I listen to some of his tracks, I find myself rather enjoying them. New single “Drunk Girls” is like that. At first, the David Bowie-meets-Talking Heads-at-an-Erasure-gig-and-cover-White-Light-White-Heat thang seems a touch trite, but a certain magic starts creeping through and before you know it, you’re nodding your head in an appreciatory manner and trying not to punch the air with your fist, wailing “YEAH! OH YEAH! THIS RAWKS!”. Or, more simply put, it’s damn good. I particularly like the over-emotional wailing, more than vaguely reminiscent of Kevin Rowland, at the coda (the end bit).

Th’ album is out on May 17th in the UK and probably May 18th in the US, as that is the way these things work, for some reason. You can listen to the whole thing here on their official site and it must be said, some of it sounds corking.

And that video is brilliant. Panda droogs, indeed.

MP3: Drunk Girls by LCD Soundsystem

Pre-Order “This Is Happening”