The Worst Band Name In The World…Ever!

We have really everything in common with America nowadays except, of course, language.
Oscar Wilde

I’m glad Oscar Wilde isn’t around to comment on an American band calling themselves “The Morning Benders”. For, if you are not aware, “Bender” is UK slang for a man who (and I’m putting this delicately) solely enjoys the company of other men. If you want to be really pendantic, he is the one in such a relationship who favours the giving, rather than the receiving.

Plus, it’s the basis of one of the great playground jokes:

Child 1: Are you a bender tied to a tree?
Child 2: No
Child 1, and any other child lurking nearby: Bender on the loose! Bender on the loose!

I made that joke at work the other day. I’m still giggling about it. Childish, yes, but still hilarious1.

So when someone emailed me and said I should try “The Morning Benders” I was nonplussed. Was he having a laugh? Was it an early April Fools Day joke? (Not that I’d stoop to such depths)

A Bunch Of Benders (tee hee)

But no, they are real, and they are good. Sunny Californian easy-alt-rock, is what I’d call it. The CD dropped onto my doormat the other day, so I’m very much looking forward to getting acquainted with the album, entitled “Big Echo”. The perfect soundtrack to the coming spring.

MP3: Excuses by The Morning Benders

Buy “Big Echo” (CD)

1 Yes, I know it’s childish, and not really PC, but I make up for it by buying the Grauniad at least twice a week. And I eat tofu. So there.