Setting The Scene

More tracks from Broken Social Scene’s new CD keep popping out from the ether. This time, it’s the dual header Forced To Love/All To All. Whilst Forced To Love is a little BSS-by-numbers, All To All is one of those tracks they knock out to keep everyone on their toes. Remember how, when you first listened to “You Forgot It In People”, you were amazed by the constant shifts in style and tone, yet each song was distinctively theirs? “All To All” is like that. Like “Anthems”‘s older sister on amphetamines and meow meow, the song is simultaneously chilled-out yet thumping motorik trance. Ecstatically bursting into a Cocteau Twins-meets-Orbital chorus, you’re left open-mouthed at how this lot can constantly leave you wrong-footed.

Wide Angle Lens Essential

Bloody marvellous, it is. Buy the single here. And “Forgiveness Rock Record” is out May 4th. Can’t wait.

MP3: All to All by Broken Social Scene

Buy “You Forgot It In People” (CD/MP3)

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