The National Save The Day

Oh, what a rubbish day I’ve had. Waking up with a stinking cold, running round like an eedjit at work thanks to AD synchronisation issues (don’t ask), Jubilee Line troubles on the way home, couldn’t make it to the Tindersticks gig tonight; a cavalcade of utter rubbishness from start to finish. Didn’t even get the sausage sandwich that I’d been hankering after for breakfast. Bah!

But on the bright side, new The National Song! A new goddamn National Song! The first song released officially from new album High Violet (out on May 11th), it takes off from where Boxer left off. So, that drumming, those baritone vocals, that sense of endless wearying ennui mixed with hope and love that makes them such an addictive mix.

Ok, Make A Video Out Of This One Then, I Dare You

So here it is for you, guys and gals. “Bloodbuzz Ohio”. All is right with the world.

MP3: Bloodbuzz Ohio by The National

(Track removed as apparently the Web Sheriff has been doing the rounds again. Bad Web Sheriff! Bad!)

Thou Shalt Buy This Record