The Local Natives Are Restless

Writing about new Californian band Local Natives seems to be centred around how similar they sound to other great indie-rock bands of the last few years. Being somewhat guilty of this style of blogging myself, I can’t really complain. All I can do is point you in the direction of this live version of “Wide Eyes”, so you can make your own minds up:

Now that is one great mustache.

Blah blah Arcade Fire blah blah Fleet Foxes blah blah Grizzly Bear blah blah Wolf Parade blah blah Vampire Weekend blah blah Band of Horses blah blah, oh, you get the idea

Not that sounding like other bands is a bad thing, of course. Band Of Horses haven’t really got an original bone in their body, but bits of “Cease To Begin” are some of the finest of the last decade. Their debut album, “Gorilla Manor”, sounds like a decent one too, on first listen. Check it out on their website, then buy it here. Oh, go on, treat yourself.

MP3: Wide Eyes by Local Natives