Playin’ On The Radio

When you’re working 14 hour days, you need music that is easygoing, chilled out, and calming. Something that soothes your furrowed brow, but isn’t too soporific. Something relaxing, with a mellow tunefulness that seeps into your brain, and sends you to a happy place; beguiling music that keeps you interested without taxing your stressed synapses. No, not Mastodon1. The current crop of Swedish bands – now, that’ll do the trick. I finally bought the Aerial album the other day, and then along came The Radio Dept to further cheer up my long tube ride home. If you travel on the Jubilee Line at some point in the evening, and see a tall, shell-shocked looking man nodding his head to music in a happy, peaceful kind of way, it’s probably me. Listening to The Radio Dept2.

It's Curtains For You

They’ve got a new album out in March, calling “Clinging To A Scene” and lead single “Heaven’s On Fire” is a blinder. Listen. Now. More details at their website here.

Normal, more verbose service will be resumed at some point in April.

1 Though they were fantastic live. Review tomorrow, hopefully.

2 On that note, the new Joanna Newsom is going down well too, but does take some time to really click. Which is what you’d expect.

MP3: Heaven’s On Fire by The Radio Dept