A Repeat Of All Working And No Playing

By jove, I’m a busy fellow right now. I’ve got work coming up out of my ears and a whole load of half-written blog posts cluttering up my WordPress dashboard (sorry, Steve), plus the mountain of unlistened-to music has built to Everest proportions. So, if you’ve sent me something recently, it’s buried under a massive pile of other music in my Inbox. One day, I will get to it, and if it’s good I’ll post it1.


Speaking of “eventually”, someone sent me an album by Ólöf Arnalds ages ago, and I eventually got round to listening to it on the train home from Stansted2. Quite lovely it is too, if you like a mix of Joanna Newsom and Bjork with some Sigur Ros thrown in (she’s Icelandic).

Here’s the title track of her 2007 album, “Við Og Við”. Lordy, I wish I could play guitar like that. She does have a new album coming out in “Spring 2010”, which I’m assuming is quite soon.

MP3: Vid og Vid by Ólöf Arnalds

1 Unless I get caught up in musicblogocide2010 (see this brilliant article for all you need to know). I have my own thoughts about this which I hope to post soon3.

2 Someone needs to tell the train company that “Express” does not entail travelling at 40mph.

3 Yes, I know.

Buy “Við og við” (MP3 Download; the CD is quite pricey)