A Wintry Cheerio From Me (Featuring Midlake)

Right, I’m off for a few days of snowboarding. First time in four years (aside from an odd little episode in Richmond Park1), so it’s likely to be painful and hilarious in equal measure.

To celebrate this wintry event, I thought I’d post this from Midlake, whose new album “The Courage Of Others” is a thing of dark, wintry beauty. I’ll write more about it when I see them live later this month, but for the meantime, here’s “Acts Of Man”, as performed live for The Guardian (courtesy of the marvellous Bella Union Records). Hope you have a great week and I’ll be back Monday. Or possibly Tuesday.

1 I realised looking at this that I’d missed the site’s first birthday, on 31st January. Anyone who knows me IRL will know this is entirely like me. I am truly the world’s most forgetful man. Sorry, blog, I love you very much and I won’t do it again.

MP3: Acts Of Man (Live) by Midlake

Buy “The Courage Of Others” (CD/MP3)

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