Sunday Sufjan

Sufjan Stevens, he of the hugely complicated musical extravaganzas, put a secret track onto his last album, The BQE. Personally I find all this secret track thing a bit annoying; if you like the track and want it on your album, just put it on your new album. Or post it on your website for free. Or just save it up for the inevitable rare-and-unreleased compilation.

The BQE, Yesterday

Moaning aside, it’s a lovely sweet song, with all the usual baroque instrumentation, choir, slightly tricksy time signature, and that delicate tunefulness that he manages with apparent effortlessness. He’s a bit good, isn’t he? Right, Mr Stevens, can you please get on with the Great States project, as I’m waiting for Rhode Island1?

Hat tip to Knox Road. Thanks folks!

1 Yes, I know he’s admitted the whole thing was a bit of a joke that went wrong. Still, I’m holding out hope for a 3 hour long song cycle dedicated to Nebraska, all in the key of B# minor. In 15/4 time. On bassoons. Played by goats.

MP3: The Sleeping Red Wolves by Sufjan Stevens

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