New Year, New Music (Part One) – They That Cried Wolf

New Year Resolution #1 (the first in a series of one, to be honest. I can’t be bothered with them): Post More, Especially Good Stuff I Get Sent

Some of the best new music I heard last year got emailed to me, so I thought, right, this year I’m going to try and post more of it. I probably won’t write big spiels about them, unless it’s something really, really special (like the marvellous Frightened Rabbit).

First off, it’s a band from that hotbed of musical talent, Yeovil. Well, Polly Jean Harvey’s from there. And my mate Jason went to college there, and we used to go out and get drunk there sometimes. Nice place.


Sorry, got distracted for a second. Right, They That Cried Wolf hail from Yeovil, they’re a bunch of young fellas and their first EP is called “Hunters In The Snow”. What do they sound like, I hear you ask? A charming maelstrom of jangly guitars and fraught tunefulness, is what I reply. My favourite is definitely the title track, which has something of a Mogwai meets Pavement thing going on. And who can say no to that, eh?

If you’re looking for a soundbite, then I’d say that this is exactly the kind of thing that if John Peel played it, you’d stop doing what ever it was you were doing, look at the radio and go “Ooh, I quite like this”, and then try and find a pen and paper so you could write down the name of the band.

“These Kids” is a bit of alright too:

Anyhow, Myspace page is over here, go and check them out.

MP3: Hunters in the Snow (Part One) by They That Cried Wolf

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