Songs Of 2009 (Part Two)

I didn’t originally intend this to be a two-parter, but when I got to twelve songs with the distinct impression that I’d forgotten a bunch, I thought I’d be safe and do this in two sections. That way I can bung stuff in at the end that I forgot first time round. Part one is over here.

Bonnie “Prince” Billy – I Am Goodbye

Just about the only good song from his “Beware” album. A rollicking stompalong, with more than a touch of wit and humour, with a great video thrown in. If only the album had been half as good.

MP3: I Am Goodbye by Bonnie “Prince” Billy

Buy “Beware” (CD)

Phoenix – 1901

A friend asked me the other night: “So what do you listen to when you need cheering up?”. This was the first song that popped into my head and on reflection, I can’t think of many better.

MP3: 1901 by Phoenix

Buy “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” (CD/MP3)

M Ward – Hold Time

The only song from the album from which it stems that I still listen to, filed firmly alongside Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s latest. Funny that the song from a man whose guitar playing skills are almost unparalleled, has pretty much no guitar on. Who’da thunk it?

MP3: Hold Time by M. Ward

Buy “Hold Time” (CD/MP3)

Yo La Tengo – I’m On My Way

Ok, this album just didn’t quite sneak into my albums of the year, but it probably should have. Isn’t hindsight wonderful? It was either this or “Avalon, Or Someone Very Similar”. But this just pips it by being just gorgeously laid-back.

MP3: I’m On My Way by Yo La Tengo

Buy “Popular Songs” (CD/MP3)

Bloggy Tracks

Already posted during the year, these are bands that I hope to hear much more of in 2010.

Color Radio – Newest News

A great song from a pretty damn good EP. Wistful Americana, in a very good way.

MP3: Newest News by Color Radio

Mixtapes and Cellmates – Soon

Keeps popping into my head at inopportune moments, which is always the sign of a great record. Overwrought, dramatic Scandinavian indie-rock, and fantastic.

MP3: Soon by Mixtapes and Cellmates

Anyway, that’s it for this year. Thanks for visiting, reading, listening, emailing and commenting, and hope you have a fantastic 2010.

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