Back to the 80’s with Hot Vampire Chip Weekend

So, in yet another of my hopelessly behind-the-times posts, those two darlings of the MP3BlogOSphere, Hot Chip (From Putney!) and Vampire Weekend (Not From Putney!) have new songs out, as musical outriders to their new albums which will come tearing over the horizon at some point in the New Year.

First off, the new Hot Chip song “Take It In” sounds somewhat like Cabaret Voltaire before exploding into a happy, poppy, none-more-shiny chorus, quite at odds with the Sound Of 80’s Sheffield verse. I like it.

And second off, the new Vampire Weekend song “Cousins” sounds like something from C86. Yes, these cheeky chappies from the Ivy League have moved on (a bit) from their Bhundu Boys moment, to do their utmost to sound like McCarthy, Bogshed or a sped-up Stump. I like it too.

Both bands are also going on tour in the New Year, and I (of course) managed to not get tickets. Will have to give Scarlet Mist a try – for UK readers, this is a superb site on which you can buy or sell face-value concert tickets with other fans. It’s totally free and a refreshing change to those grubby Ticketmaster-owned “Fan to Fan” sites doing the rounds, which to me are just a higher-tech (and corporate!) version of ticket touting.

MP3: Run To The Temple by Bogshed

(and a note to the older readers – never in a million years did I ever think that if I started a blog, I’d end up posting something by Bogshed. But it does bear a more than passing resemblance to “Cousins”, doesn’t it?)

MP3: Buffalo by Stump

(note to older readers – I’ve been waiting for an excuse to post this for ages)

MP3: Take It In by Hot Chip

MP3: Cousins by Vampire Weekend

Amazon’s Vampire Weekend Page

Amazon’s Hot Chip Page

Buy Stump’s “Fierce Pancake and Beyond: The Complete Anthology”

(Can’t find anything by Bogshed on Amazon. Sorry)

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