New And Old Music – Color Radio and Canyon

Don’t you just love it when a new band come along who sound oddly like a band you used to love, but disappeared pretty much without a trace after doing just one proper album?

Those bands are Canyon and Color Radio. Canyon appeared in the early part of the decade, released one LP with a purdy lady on the cover:

The music was a narcotic, woozy variant of countrified America, the kind of thing that My Morning Jacket and Neil Young have traded in for years. But there was something else, an undercurrent of post-rock ominous tunefulness, and made them stand out from their peers. Sadly, they seem to have pretty much broken up – not officially, at least, but enough to not make any more records together.

And now, from Mexico City via Chicago, come Color Radio, who deal in a narcotic, woozy variant of Americana. Not quite as woozy as Canyon’s, but fantastic nonetheless. Currently unsigned (believe it or not), they’ve just released their second EP “Be Safe, Beware”

Here’s two tracks from the record. The other two are just as excellent and the whole thing is very much worth your $5. Pretty damn fine t-shirts too. There’s a tour of the East Coast (of the US) coming up, so make sure to check them out. Hopefully someone will pick them up for support on a tour of Europe.

Speaking of listening to old bands again, I’ve got a right doozy of a band to post about next week. But next up will be the Frightened Rabbit at the Troxy review. Come back soon, and don’t forget to subscribe to the email updates!

MP3: Magnetic Moon by Canyon

MP3: Newest News by Color Radio

MP3: Be Safe, Beware by Color Radio

Buy Canyon’s “Empty Rooms” (CD/MP3)

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