It’s That Bad Lieutenant Again

So, last week I posted the new single by Barney Sumner’s new band, Bad Lieutenant. And thanks to the mysteries of the Interwebs, it didn’t show up on Hype Machine. So it goes, and thanks to those lovely people on the Elbows forum, I now know a whole load more about how this kind of stuff works. Thanks folks!

In any case, Mark Reeder has done some rather nice remixes of the single “Sink Or Swim”, and the band have just released the video, so here’s both in all their glory:

Gosh, it’s good to have Barney (and Steven Morris) back.

MP3: Sink Or Swim (Sos Radio Soft Kick Mix) by Bad Lieutenant

MP3: Sink Or Swim by Bad Lieutenant

Pre-Order “Never Cry Another Tear”

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