It’ll Get You As The Party Ends

The human brain is a funny thing. You can be doing the washing up, walking the dog, pruning the roses, putting out the bins, or any of the other million and one little chores that make up your daily life, when suddenly a thought comes from nowhere and knocks you for six. I get that with songs (as I suspect pretty much everyone does). And, with a heavy dose of irony, the song that did this the other day was a song about unwelcome thoughts coming when you’re doing the washing up, walking the dog, pruning the roses…you get the idea.

Or as the song opens:

It’ll get you on the last bus home
Get you at the discount bend
It’ll get you on the old dance floor
Get you as the party ends

The song is Cherry Ghost’s wonderful “4am”, a charming little country-pop number from their 2007 debut album “Thirst For Romance”. As far as I can tell (what am I,, it’s about lost love and how your brain has a habit of reminding you about it at just the wrong time. And then spells it out at the chorus:

Oh 4am, was the time that you were mine
Frozen in deepest sleep, for only I to keep
Now there ain’t no hiding place on earth
That loneliness ain’t been first

That chorus makes my heart break into tiny little pieces. Seriously, it’s an earworm that has managed to creep up from nowhere and lodge in my brain for the past two days. By the way, the rest of the album is well worth a listen – especially the title track and the fantastic “Mathematics”, even if there is a slightly uncomfortable aroma of Radio 2. Great live band, too.

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MP3: 4 A.M. by Cherry Ghost

Buy Cherry Ghost’s “Thirst for Romance” (CD/MP3)

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