Holiday Songs, Part 3 – Iron and Wine

I went away with good intentions of playing all those Word CD’s I hadn’t got round to listening to yet, plus those Husker Du, Replacements and Minutemen CD’s I’d bought as a result of the Pitchfork 500 list. Instead, my brain went “You know, you really haven’t listened to Iron and Wine or Feist recently, even though you’ve listened to them tons in the past and you’ve got a whole load of exciting new music to listen to”.

So, on the flight over, and since, it’s been Iron and Wine’s “The Shepherd’s Dog”. If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time you’ll know I’m generally hopeless at keeping even vaguely up to date, but I did manage to find the acoustic versions of two of my favourite songs – “Lovesong Of The Buzzard” and “Resurrection Fern”. I’ll gloss over the fact that these have been posted on Sam Beam’s website for a good, ooh, four months now, and that there’s a full set of eight acoustic versions to download. But you probably have them already.


Great songs from a man I really need to go and see live.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it for my holiday. Should be back in the UK tomorrow, and I’ve even finally got a Pitchfork 500 post done. It’s about Goths, you know.

MP3: Lovesong Of The Buzzard (Acoustic) by Iron and Wine

MP3: Resurrection Fern (Acoustic) by Iron and Wine

Buy “The Shepherd’s Dog” (CD/MP3)

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  1. yay!
    iron and wine!
    I wish he would come down to Australia, and that makes us both people who need to see him live!
    then again, I think everyone should.
    good post.

  2. rammeke

     /  September 8, 2009

    iron & wine are my favs. i love BOY WITH A COIN the acoustic version is great 😉 x

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