Holiday Songs

Do you remember the first time you heard a certain song, so that every time you hear it, you’re instantly transported back in time to that place? Or the other way round, so every time you go to a certain place, it reminds you of a particular song?

I’m like that. I can still remember exactly where I was when I first heard Lambchop’s “The Man Who Loved Beer” (driving home along the A4 in Reading, turning up the radio to full to try and hear the quiet, quiet music), or Tinderstick’s “City Sickness” (a youth hostel in Toronto, of all places).

And now I’m back in Sarasota, every time I drive up North Honore Avenue:

I think of Hayes Carll’s “She Left Me For Jesus”. Because, of course, that’s where I first heard this great Country song. Detailing how his girlfriend, errr, left him for Jesus, it’s got great lines like “If i ever find Jesus, I’m kickin’ his ass” and “Why, last time we made love she even called out his name”. It made me laugh out loud, it did, and sing the praises of Sirius satellite radio (for I was in a groovy Chrysler 300).

What was even better was finding it on a Word magazine compilation a few months later. And so, here it is, for your delectation.

And I just have to post this:

Ah, Jim Henson. What a genius.

MP3: She Left Me for Jesus by Hayes Carll

Buy Hayes Carll’s “Trouble in Mind” (CD/MP3)