Saturday Tunes – Vampire Weekend, Bhundu Boys, Waumiss

First off, I found a great band the other day. They’ve got a fantastic sound, a mix of The Smiths and The Bhundu Boys, which kind of makes me think they spent their formative years locked in a cupboard under the stairs with only a tape of mid-80’s John Peel shows for company. And what a name too, Vampire Weekend.


What do you mean they came out last year? And the blogosphere did them to death? And everyone’s bored of the sight of them?


Anyway, I quite like them. Yes, poshos playing African-styled music isn’t a schtick that I would normally buy into, but they seem to be a pretty decent bunch, and the songs are good. And they fall into my “Everything Stems From The Smiths” theory which I’m proposing in my next thesis my next Pitchfork 500 post. Which is about The Smiths, you know.

So, for those of you who’d like an introduction to some great African music, here’s a track by The Bhundu Boys. Make sure you go and buy their “Shed Sessions” album. Some of the finest guitar playing you’ll ever hear.

In other news, Waumiss (side project of the charming Clarque Blomquist of The Kingsbury Manx) have some new videos on YouTube:

As one of the comments says “Thanks Waumiss! Now I never need to drop acid again!”. If this isn’t the strangest thing you have seen all week then you really should lay off the shrooms.

Next week, I’ll tell you all about this fantastic band from Montreal who dress up in old clothes and sing about being children in a U2-gone-indie kind of way. You’ll love ’em.

MP3: Oxford Comma by Vampire Weekend

MP3: Kuroja Chete by The Bhundu Boys

Buy “Vampire Weekend” (CD/MP3)

Buy Bhundu Boys “The Shed Sessions: 1982-1986” (CD)

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