Mew and Passion Pit

Last time I saw Mew live, they came on stage and immediately started playing the most cacophonous sound you’ve ever heard. Disjointed, loud, messed-up, it didn’t bode well. But suddenly, you could start to hear a melody coming through all the noise and it all made sense; this gorgeous music just erupted, with Jonas Bjerre’s angelic falsetto over the top. Most bands can go from tune to noise, no-one can go the other way like Mew. I’ve even done a little equation:

N -> T > T -> N

where N = Noise and T = Tune

And so it goes with this new track, just released a day or so ago. Called “Introducing Palace Players” (these crazy Danes) from their new album “No more stories…” (I’m not going into that one now), it does that whole noise to tune thang rather superbly. Plus, it’s a kind of New-Order-Timbaland-Prince-MGMT-Girls-Aloud type song. I really don’t know how to describe it.

(MP3 thanks to Data Sapiens)

What In God's Name Is That???

What In God's Name Is That???

And on another note, I feel I’m too old to like Passion Pit, but who cares when they make tunes like this?

MP3: Introducing Palace Players by Mew (a repost as the tags were messed up before)

MP3: Make Light by Passion Pit

Buy Mew’s “And the Glass Handed Kites” (CD)

Buy Passion Pit’s “Manners” (MP3)

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