New Music – Sunny Days Sets Fire

I’m a big fan of Word magazine. Trying to separate itself both from the middle-aged rock-tastic Q and Uncut, and the “THIS BAND ARE THE BEST EVER BAND EVER!!!” ludicrous hyping of NME, it’s by and large well written and features lots of different music. The free CD has some pretty decent music on it, though, frankly, I always end up listening to it about three months after it comes out.

Sunny Days Sets Fire

Sunny Days Sets Fire

So, last week I finally managed to listen to April’s edition, and alongside some great songs by Loney, Dear and Howling Bells was a little gem by Sunny Days Sets Fire. Hailing from London (via Italy, Hong Kong and Canada), they do that lovely shimmery pop from the bosom of My Bloody Valentine via Lush and Stars. Here’s “Strangers”, featuring some great “Whoo-ooh’s” over tumbling drums. Can’t beat a bit of that on a sunny Sunday morning.

MP3: Stranger by Sunny Days Sets Fire

Buy “Summer Palace” By Sunny Days Sets Fire (CD)

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