New Music – The Kingsbury Manx

Many of you may never have heard of The Kingsbury Manx. I hadn’t, until NME reviewed their first album back in 2000 and said that, whilst they didn’t know much about them, the album was great. One very quick listen later and I’d ordered it from Amazon, and even now, “The Kingsbury Manx” gets played in L&L Mansions every month or so. They are one of those bands that have an absolutely effortless sound, as though they just need to pick up their instruments and the sound flows out. Yes, that sounds like bollocks, but you listen to them and try and explain it better. Ok, so there’s a definite early Pink Floyd psychedelia to their sound1, along with a mellow gentleness and, in their later records, a playful jauntiness. From “The Kingsbury Manx” to their most recent release, “The Fast Rise And Fall Of The South”, their sound loses some of its opacity, replaced by warmth and openness.

Anyhow, they’ve got a new album out next month called “Ascenseur Ouvert!”, on the Odessa Records label, and you can listen to two tracks from their Myspace page here. Whilst I dug around for about five minutes for some MP3’s, I couldn’t find anything off the new album, so I shall cease and desist until something does come along. But here’s some YouTube footage thanks to The Delete Bin. I love Technorati, it does have its moments (oh, and if you love it too, do me a favour and fave me. Go on, just for a giggle).

Oh, and here’s an MP3 of one of the best tracks from what I’d personally say was their best album, 2003’s “Aztec Discipline”. Called “Grape To Grain”, I have no idea what it’s on about.

You can pre-order the album from here.

Stunning album art too, as always, from the marvellous Fatheart Galleries (no, I don’t think I’ve got that right either. Any ideas?).

Isn't This Lovely?

Isn't This Lovely?

Oh, and one little thing – if any of the band read this, you’re great, but your website doesn’t work very well with either Firefox 3 or IE 7. Sorry.

1 Which the band acknowledge as coincidental; they only heard early Pink Floyd after they’d recorded “The Kingsbury Manx”.

Grape To Grain by The Kingsbury Manx