Big Trouble At Bad Science

Ol’ Ben Goldacre has managed to get into a bit of legal strife thanks to posting a 44-minute excerpt from some anti-MMR loon. So, to keep this brief, here’s the link if you can provide any legal assistance to him. And the article linked explains all the trouble, and now includes transcripts of the pointless fruitcake Jeni Barnett’s rant against MMR. She really is living in a different world to this, the (fairly) real one. It’s depressing and funny in equal measure.

Ben is, of course, one of the modern world’s heroes, and his Grauniad column is unmissable and his book (called, er, Bad Science) is a great read.

Support that man! And read his stuff. And buy his book. You know it makes sense.

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  1. Jeni Barnett, LBC and Global Radio, MMR Segment 7 Jan 2009 and the Ben Goldacre Coverage: Part 2 « Holford Watch: Patrick Holford, nutritionism and bad science

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