It’s Eboue or us, Wenger

As I said earlier, Eboue is useless. He’s also, as today’s match against Spurs shows, a total liability. With just over 35 minutes gone, Eboue, already on a stupid yellow for arguing with the ref, kicked out at Modric and got himself sent off. He was lucky it wasn’t a straight red.

This isn’t the first time he’s done something absolutely dumb-headed in a critical match. Even though Eboue has become probably the most unpopular player in an Arsenal shirt in living memory, Wenger has persisted in playing him. And the reasons why he is so unpopular seem to have totally escaped Wenger. So should you stumble upon this humble blog, Mr Wenger, here’s why we hate Eboue.

He cheats.
He dives.
He pretends to be injured.
He kicks opposition players off the ball in critical matches.
He doesn’t score any goals and hardly any assists.
He’s not good defensively.
He cheats and dives and kicks players off the ball.

Basically, he’s a really shit version of Robbie “Cuntchops” Savage.

And frankly, those of us for whom money is tight really don’t want to be paying over £1000 a year to watch Eboue fuck around and ruin any hope we may have had to get a Champions League place. You’re not running a charity home for dozy fucknutted Ivorians to run around and get themselves sent off, and never score any goals even though they are midfielders. He’s shit. He’s a cheat. Get rid of him, or you’ll find more and more fans simply don’t bother coming to the games any more.

I grew up with players like Liam Brady, and I’ve watched Adams, Bergkamp, Henry, Vieira, Cesc and other genius footballers at Highbury and Ashburton Grove more times than I can remember. Those are the type of players we expect at Arsenal. I even liked Senderos and Luzhny, for pete’s sake. But not Eboue.

What is worse is that Wenger’s standing amongst Arsenal fans is being destroyed by his bizarre love for Eboue. Get rid of him, before we get rid of you.

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  1. Adam

     /  February 8, 2009

    You forgot to include he’s a coward for the way he ducked out of today’s game. Did that last season at Manure as well.

  2. loftandlost

     /  February 8, 2009

    Good point Adam. But if I’d listed every time Eboue had fucked up, I’d break the internet.

  3. nicely sums up how i feel. one scene from many: arsenal vs west ham, eboue goes down for the umpteenth time. does anyone care, beyond “oh it’s only eboue, stuff it”? do the fans care? do even the arsenal players care?

    nope. because i think even the players know what a cheating whiner eboue is.

    in your list of ‘other genius footballers at highbury’ i’d have to add marc overmars – boy, remember when with marc and bergkamp we could actually counter attack? free-flowing football, what’s that then?

  4. loftandlost

     /  February 8, 2009

    There was an article in the Grauniad on Saturday, in which Eboue described his friends Adebayor, Song and Toure coming round his house to cheer him up after the Wigan game. Apparently he’s good mates with quite a few of the squad and I suspect they may forgive a lot of his bad behaviour. But today it cost them a possible European place and I’d doubt they are very happy with him.

    I can’t imagine Eboue being popular with the likes of Clichy, Gallas, Van Persie or Bendtner.

  5. well, kolo is the odd one out there. sorry, but eboue, adebayor and song are just three useless footballers in a house. might be harsh on ade but come on, one good season does not a reputation make. adebayor is surely the worst first choice striker amongst the “big four” (whatever that means now!)

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