Quick Post – M Ward, Arsenal, iPhone

A really quick post this morning.

I’ve managed to listen to a copy of M. Ward’s new album, Hold Time. What’s to say? He’s a fantastic guitarist, a great songwriter, but after one listen it’s difficult to say anything other than it sounds like an M Ward album. Bet you’re glad you read that, eh? Anyway, title track below.

Arsenal are continuing their descent down the Premier League, still in fifth but now five points behind lucky, lucky, but annoyingly quite good Aston Villa. I wish we’d bought Aghbonglahor in the summer. West Ham tomorrow should be a fun game, and by fun, I mean a dreadful waste 90 minutes watching us huff and puff against less skilful but better organised and motivated opposition, with us winning 1-0 after Bendtner gets one in off his arse in the 93rd minute.

And I see Apple have decided to update the iPhone firmware. Oh my lord. And mine’s updating now, so it’ll probably go horribly wrong and BSOD my PC.

Hold Time by M. Ward

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