The Pitchfork 500 – Part 1

So, Pitchfork, one of the biggest music sites on the Interwebz, decides to release a list of their top 500 songs from “Punk to the Present” (eg about 2007). Cue pandemonium on the web, with accusations of snobbishness, racism, and all sorts.
But you know what? It’s not a bad list. It’s got all sorts of tunes on there, and I’m going to listen to them all.

And then comment on them.

From time to time, like.

First thoughts then. Georgio Moroder is some kind of genius. I’d never thought of the homosexual undertones of “Ever Fallen In Love” before. And isn’t Marquee Moon just the best thing, ever?

Ever Fallen In Love

Note: will try and post the other two later, but WordPress is sulking at me right now.